Factors That Affect Aeration Of Ponds

Ponds are often installed on commercial and residential properties for the purpose of aeration. The process involves soil perforation. This is achieved in order to allow water, air, and vital nutrients to be absorbed through the roots of plant life. When a pond is installed for this purpose, it is necessary for the property owner to also install a fountain. The following are details about what factors are required for fountains at living water aeration.

Assessing the Depth of the Pond

Typically, the pond must be under a depth of six feet for aeration to be successful. The process in which the ponds work is that they will draw water from the water column. Typically, the water is drawn from the upper strata. If the depth of the pond is too deep, this could present serious problems. If the property owner wants to acquire a pond for aeration that exceeds six feet in depth, they must install use subsurface aeration to make the pond and fountain work properly.

Reviewing the Shape of the Pond

For aeration purposes, the pond must present the property owner with a round shape. This allows them to install the fountain the center-most point of the pond to circulate oxygen properly. Any ponds that are irregular in shape won’t receive enough oxygen in all spaces. This could lead to serious impacts on the fish that live inside the pond.

Identifying the Proper Size

In measuring the pond for the right fountain, property owners should consider a measurement of 1.5 HP per each acre of land. This allows the property owner to determine the right spray height for the fountain as well. The spray height should equate to half the width of the entire pond.

Evaluating Temperature Related Issues

Areas in which harsh winters are more likely to occur are not the right location for pond fountains. It is recommended that the property owner removes their fountain just before winter starts. This lowers the potential for damage.

Ponds can present property owners with amazing options. Among the options is to create a relaxing environment. With the right fountain, the property owner could get more out of the ponds. Property owners who want to learn more about installing fountains for aeration can read more here.

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