An Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City Represents Parents Whose Child Is Diagnosed With Autism After an Accident

When a young child begins behaving unusually after a car accident, parents feel mystified if doctors cannot find anything wrong. After psychological counseling and a battery of mental tests, the child might be diagnosed with autism. What next? The parents may believe the accident caused the disorder and decide to consult an attorney for help. In regard to an Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City residents can choose among skilled and experienced legal professionals.

Supporting the Case

The at-fault driver’s insurer may deny this type of claim, sending along information showing no clear agreement among researchers and medical professionals as to what causes autism. In that situation, the attorney will need to support the case by finding research verifying that this type of trauma to a very young child is sometimes indeed associated with autism. If the child experienced a concussion or brain inflammation, for instance, research supports a connection between these events and future symptoms of autism.

About Autism

Autism is not just one brain disorder. Instead, an autistic person is considered to be on a spectrum that helps convey whether social and mental functioning is close to normal or severely impaired. Medical professionals still debate as to whether certain diagnoses officially considered to be on this spectrum actually are an entirely separate disorder. Asperger’s syndrome is an example. Being fully prepared for any disputes the insurer makes in connection with the precise diagnosis is crucial.

Time Frame

Cases involving head injuries to either children or adults can take a long time to settle, and not only because of insurance company disputes. The attorney may advise the family to wait a year or even longer to accept a settlement because long-term brain injury effects may not appear until the child is older. The state’s statute of limitations must be kept in mind, however.


Lawyers might present research from esteemed academic institutions to support the client’s case. Researchers are putting forth significant effort to establish causes for autism so prospective parents may have ways to prevent the condition from developing. It also may help them after diagnosis to know what may have happened to cause the problem.