Winter Can Be a Good Time for Pool Repair in Bucks and Montgomery County

When Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his hole on February 2 to announce how much longer winter will last, most people simply resign themselves to several more weeks of cold weather and snow. Smart homeowners, though, don’t look at mid-winter as a date to mark off the calendar. Winter is an excellent time to start doing the exterior jobs that will help make spring and summer more enjoyable and even less costly. Scheduling Pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County during the winter months is a step that will save homeowners both time and money.

It’s easier to schedule pool repairs

Waiting until the weather warms might seem to be the right way to handle pool repairs, but homeowners who do this find themselves competing with all other pool owners who also need repairs or renovations. Pool companies are eager to work during the quieter winter months when regular weekly maintenance on clients’ pools isn’t necessary. The likelihood is good that the pool company employees won’t be bothered by passers-by or other homeowners asking for advice or help. Even in the coldest winters, warmer spells can make working outside an enjoyable task. Scheduling a pool repair in the winter months likely means that the work will be done immediately and needed parts will be readily available.

Repairs are less expensive

Pool companies want to keep their employees working throughout the year, not just during the summer months. They are glad to get work and are more likely to offer specials, discounts and other options to help encourage homeowners to schedule pool repairs immediately. Laborers and equipment are more readily available in the colder months, and supplies are less likely to be depleted because demand is low. Scheduling a pool repair during the winter, before neighbors start thinking about repairing their pools, makes sense economically.

Landscaping isn’t as severely impacted

Most pool owners enjoy and are justifiably proud of the landscaping around their homes and pools. A serious or extensive pool repair can cause serious damage to landscaping when heavy equipment is brought in. During the winter months, there’s less chance to harm flower beds or other plantings, for example. If landscaping is inevitably damaged, there’s time to repair it before the new pool season begins.