Buy Low, Sell High: How Disabled Americans are Using Selling Platforms to Thrive

The website eBay has been around for many years now. Craigslist is a useful source for people looking to sell items cheaply, among other things. The Internet has opened the door for individuals to make money without getting out of the house. This is suitable for disabled Americans, who already manage often insurmountable obstacles to make ends meet.

The classic buy low and sell high adage can be applied to the web. This is more than a basic argument. Below are three practical tips to utilize this strategy today as a disabled American.

1. Avoid Craigslist Unless Necessary

Craigslist introduces a few problems that aren’t ideal for the disabled. First, one has to invite someone to their house or go pick the item up. Both can be tricky. It may be possible to get someone’s address to mail an item, but most people are unwilling to provide their address to strangers on Craigslist. There are easier ways.

Use Third-Party Outlets

Third-party outlets online often offer great deals on brand items. They can be shipped to the buyer. The buyer can then assess the value and list it online. It’s a very easy way to buy low and sell high. Many items may not make the cut. But, resources like Overstock are great for finding overstocked items simply taking up space. They are willing to let them go low. The lack of traffic compared to big sites can also work favorably.

Use Amazon Auto-Pricing

Amazon auto-pricing is effective for automating aspects of pricing. The system essentially increases or decreases the price based on a number of factors. The value can increase if demand is high or decrease if many users just loaded the website up with the same item. It’s a very practical system and should be utilized for anyone serious about selling many different items.

Readers can find a whole lot more at the link The site covers at least five different ways savvy web users can use the Internet to make cash. Having a disability is challenging on every single level. There are ways to stay positive by bringing in money and staying well above water.